Digital Documentation of NRDMS Projects

Client: NRDMS, DST, Government of India, New Delhi


The NRDMS Division of the DST has been instrumental in getting very useful research conducted in the area of Natural Resource Management over the last three decades. There have been very large numbers of reported and other documents which have been produced over this period. Keeping in view that the natural resource is one of the thrust areas of the country which has been gaining further importance because of enhanced pressures on this precious resource, it is imperative that all this knowledge be documented in a manner which becomes more useful for the scientific community and the society at large.

A database of the projects completed under NRDMS has been created and the final projection completion reports have been scanned and converted to portable document format (PDF documents). A user friendly web interface has been developed to query and retrieve the documents from the database. A total of 130 documents have been included in the database. The interface gives a facility to search under theme, institution, principle investigator, and year. Each document has an abstracts and project details which can be viewed and printed. The PDF files are searchable documents with bookmarks.

The webpage is developed to evolve a system of information sharing, access and use. The users can search the desired documents with the help of advanced search. This has been successfully tested from the website and shall be added to the NRDMS website hosted from NIC soon.

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