Hydrological studies for Teesta II & Teesta III Hydroelectric Projects

Client: Irrigation Department, Uttar Pradesh


Teesta Hydro-Electric project stage II (Sikkim) envisages construction of a concrete gravity dam across river Lachen for providing hydro electricity of installed capacity of about 600 MW. The proposed project is planned as Run of the river scheme (with pondage).

Hydrological studies were carried out to assess the feasibility. The studies included:

Flow series Analysis using 10 years, 10 daily flow data.

Dam height assessment considering the PMF.

Sedimentation studies to estimate revised elevation area capacity curve after full service time and new zero elevation after feasible service time.

Hydro meteorological observations taken at different locations in the Sikkim by the CWC were analysed. These included measurement of rainfall and gauge, discharge and suspended sediment measurements on the main Teesta River, as well as on the relevant tributaries. The hydro meteorological data obtained up to April 2005 has been published and the same are used to update and review the various hydrological parameters of the project. Design Flood studies were carried out by both Hydro meteorological approach as well as Flood Frequency techniques

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