Impacts on Urban Flooding - Jamnagar

  • Impacts on Urban Flooding - Jamnagar
  • Impacts on Urban Flooding - Jamnagar
  • Impacts on Urban Flooding - Jamnagar

Client: TARU, Ahmedabad


Rapid urbanisation has detrimental impacts on the hydrology and water quality due to the increased imperviousness and drainage efficiency of the urban areas. The time from the start of rainfall to the runoff peak is reduced resulting in the increased magnitude and frequency of local flooding. The effect of rainfall can manifest itself in a number of different ways. In the current analysis, the hydrological impacts resulting from sever rainfall has been studied to assess the flooding of river Rangmati and Nagmati and its tributaries in and around urban areas of Jamnagar Municipal Area (JMC) and Jamnagar Area Development Authority (JADA) area.

In assessing the magnitude of flooding, the key factors to be considered are the inflow and outflow of water in and around the study area. The inflow depends on the precipitation not only in the study area but also in the catchment area upstream of the point of interest for the rivers flowing through the area as it can lead to riverine floods. For the outflow, important considerations are the discharging capacity of the drainage basins since an imbalance between inflow and outflow, especially exacerbated by short duration intense precipitation may cause local flooding as the water inflow can overwhelm the normal drainage capacity.

This study deals with impact of sever rainfall on riverine flooding in the Jamnagar Area Development Authority (JADA) area. The important functions of the Authority include the preparation of Development plan for the Jamnagar Urban Agglomeration, to prepare the draft Town Planning Schemes, to implement the sanctioned Town Planning Schemes and to monitor and control the development activities in accordance with the Revised Development Plan. Besides, it is also responsible for the development of the infrastructures like road, sewerage, water supply and other basic civic amenities. In addition to the area falling under the Jamnagar Municipal Corporation's limit, JADA is also having areas of Jamnagar, Nagarsima and 26 villages of the Jamnagar Talukas. JADA has 285 sq km area which includes 33.70 sq km area of JMC. Adaptation and mitigations plans for tackling the floods has been discussed in detail

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