INRM Resources Persons contribution in GIS Training Programs

Client: IIT Delhi


INRM has contributed to many of the specialized GIS based water resources Application training programs conducted by IIT Delhi. Some of the training programs include:

  • Use of SWAT for Basin Level Planning for 10 officers (Engineers) of UP Irrigation department for 6 days training workshop in 2002
  • A Training Programme on GIS for the Engineers NTPC (40 Engineers 4 batches, 5 days each) in 2003
  • Tools for Watershed Management - DST workshop 2 trainings for 10 field persons of 5 days each in 2004-2005
  • Indo-US Training School on SWAT & ADAPT Modeling for Integrated Water Resource Management, 10 days in August 2007
  • GIS Based Civil Engineering Applications - Training Workshop for Faculty drawn from various Engineering Colleges of Gujarat - 5 Days, November 2007

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