Development of Mathematical Model for Estimating GHG Reduction Potential from Transport Sectors in Metropolitan Cities of India

Client: Winrock International India, New Delhi


Transport is the fastest growing sector and contributes substantially to greenhouse gasses in India. Dedicated policies to reduce the GHG emissions are a very few. Simple tools to help policy makers to mitigate the transport related GHG emissions are required to be put in place. A user friendly application is developed to estimate and project Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and to provide solutions to reduce GHG emissions for a city.

The application has two components, generation of baseline scenario and optimization of baseline scenario to generate the alternate scenarios.

Baseline emission is calculated using the past data and generating the vehicle numbers on the road based on the demographic data using built-in multiple regression module.

Alternate scenario generation capability to achieve reduction in transport GHG emission is provided through an optimization module built in to the application to calculate the modal shift and penetration of alternate technologies / fuels based on emission target.

Module to calculate total emission based on the user input for baseline and future scenarios is provided.

The database caters to add data for any city and add more vehicle and fuel type, thus making this application useful for other cities.

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