Water Resources Management for Himachal Pradesh

Client: Planning Commission, Government of India, New Delhi


Project was aimed to create a vision for the water resources development and management for the State of Himachal Pradesh and to demonstrate the importance of using an integrated approach in spirit and reality through the strength of IT and other latest technological advancements.

Water demand in the state is projected to increase making it imperative to effectively plan the water resources and develop an environmentally sustainable water policy. Himachal is also the main source of water for many Northern states and hence developing an effective tool for planning and monitoring this resource has a bearing on the Northern region.

It was intended to help the state in going towards the first step of integration i.e., creating common databases incorporating the basic elements of primary and secondary data on topography, climate, hydrology, land use, soils, etc., standardizing the drainage basins and their sub-divisions into watersheds and micro watersheds scientifically using GIS technology.

The first level GIS based integrated water resource framework has been developed for the state that can serve as a first cut common base for the involved line departments like Irrigation and Public Health (IPH), Forest, Horticulture, Hydro electricity, Industries, Rural Development etc. Some advantages of the common framework would be:

  • Availability of reliable and up-to-date information
  • Better dissemination of inter and intra departmental information
  • Effective integrated water resources management
  • Effective integrated watershed management
  • Effective implementation of environmentally sustainable water resources policy

Gaps in the data available have been identified and as the availability of data improves with time, the framework will become more effective. Standardization in data mapping for the various IPH schemes has been suggested by elaboration of the various IPH schemes like irrigation, hand pumps etc. in Kangra.

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