About Us

Integrated Natural Resources Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd., is a R&D based company set up under Technology Business Incubation Plan of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi by the faculty and alumnus of the institute in 2001.

INRM provides innovative customized solutions at the cutting edge of technology in the area of Natural Resource Management, GIS, Remote Sensing and Integrated Database Management. The motto of the company is to provide the high quality solutions to the stakeholders of the society at the nominal cost. The Company is engaged in developing technical and managerial services using innovative approaches. The solutions are made highly user-friendly and interactive using GIS interface.

The Company benefits from highly qualified scientific manpower having long-term experience to provide the area specific solutions. These experts have innovative skills developed by virtue of carrying out research work in the area of water resources, hydrology, hydraulics, environment, agriculture and other allied areas over the last 30 years. The company also has a vast potential resource base in the form of faculty of IIT Delhi who are presently serving as well as those who have retired.

The Company aims to strengthen the implementation capacities at state, national and international levels. The Company is involved in proving technical training to the scientists and engineers. The Company has contributed to many of the specialized GIS based water resources application training programs conducted at IIT Delhi. Such training programs included: Basin level planning, Indo-US training for Integrated Water Resources Management, GIS based training for Civil Engineering Applications etc.

Thrust of the Company

Natural resource management in an integrated manner is the need of the hour not only for India but the world over. Adoption of watershed management approach for natural resource management has been globally accepted. However, keeping in view its inter-disciplinary nature as well as the complexity of the involved processes, it renders to be a very complex problem with no direct solutions available. Availability of the multi-disciplinary team with very wide domain knowledge of the promoters is an asset.

The Company offers a range of services, including solutions for management of Natural Resources covering water, agriculture, energy and environment sectors. The application of advanced technologies such as remote sensing, GIS, mathematical modelling and integrated database management are some of the key expertise of the company. Besides having tremendous experience in the development of these GIS based tools for the natural resource management the company also possesses a series of these modules which have been developed through the research over the years.

The Company is highly specialized in simulating the hydrological response of the basin under present and projected climatic scenarios for future and has expertise to assess the impact of climate change on available water resources being used for different purposes such as irrigation, hydropower, drinking and industrial use etc. It helps in better planning of available resources on the basin, state, regional or country scale. The Company is actively involved in generating future scenarios to articulate policy implications for water-agriculture-energy-climate change nexus.

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