Our Expertise

In the past two decades, we have worked with international agencies, various Government bodies, ministries, educational institutions, private companies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Here are some examples of our work.

City Planning

We have worked with multiple government bodies, international agencies and NGOs towards solving for existing city-level problems as well advisories for future planning.

  • Flood forecasting
  • Climate vulnerability assessments
  • Drainage systems
Real-Time Advisories

We have designed customizable early warning systems as well as real-time forecasting tools that help avert damage and loss by allowing proactive planning.

  • Urban flooding
  • River flooding
  • Drought conditions predictions
Water Resources

We offer insights, predictions, and simulations, backed by data analysis (historical or real-time) and modeling for impactful policy-making.

  • Climate change adaptation plan
  • River flooding
  • Forecasts for precision farming
Water Security

We look at aspects like availability versus demand, reuse of water and efficiency of water-use. Our solutions keep sustainability and validity for climate change scenarios in mind.

  • Hydrological analysis
  • Water audit
  • Water distribution systems
Precision Farming

We have designed advisory tools that would specifically aid farmers in planning ahead based on hydrological modeling and simulation of crop water requirements.

  • Accurate drought predictions
  • Water-use efficiency
  • Optimal fertilizer and pesticide use
Sustainable Development Goals

We strongly identify with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals framework of the United Nations, and constantly see our work connect back to them. We partner with industries, organizations and agencies in their journey towards these goals.